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Projects - Areas of Research and Innovation

TrinityHaus examines interconnected areas of research and design in relation to the built and urban environment. The ethos of TrinityHaus is derived from a holistic, multidisciplinary, multi-faceted approach, underpinned by creative thinking. It is only through such integrated vision that truly sustainable development can be achieved.

By considering the interaction and interdependency of space, energy, air, water and earth, and by examining how these elements influence people, communities and the built environment, it is possible to remap and design  existing and proposed environments in a sustainable, low carbon, economic and socially responsible manner.

Space - Design, Policy, Universal Design  


Energy - Reduction, Management, Embodied  


Air - Indoor Environment, Human Comfort  


Water - Conservation, Smart Irrigation, Flood Protection  


Earth - Sustainable Soil Remediation, Biodiversity, Food  


Creativity - Systematic Innovation, TRIZ  

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