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Projects - Air

Design Scenarios - Low Carbon Dublin

Design Scenarios for a Low Carbon Dublin

The effectiveness of design as a tool to explore future scenarios for the transformation of Dublin into a low carbon society is examined. This allows for the exploitation of unseen connections between Health and Cycling, Food and Environment, Public Space and Community, Learning and Engagement, Culture and Citizen Engagement.



Energy Efficient Conservation -

Energy Efficient Conservation and Retrofit of Historic Buildings

TrinityHaus are examining a number of historic buildings on the Trinity College Dublin campus with respect to energy efficient conservation and retrofit. Based on these buildings, guidelines for energy efficient conservation and retrofit are being developed for similar buildings within inner city Dublin.


Energy Efficient Conservation -

Fresh Classrooms

The project links the performance of students and lecturers with the indoor environment of teaching intensive rooms. Using a wide selection of teaching rooms in Trinity College Dublin, field studies are underway to develop occupant centric monitoring techniques for the indoor environment and personal comfort levels with the performance of individual students and associated energy consumption of HVAC systems. The monitoring techniques include both indirect and direct sensor methods for indoor environment and comfort levels respectively.



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