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Director ¦ Prof. Mark Dyer

Principal Investigators ¦ Assoc. Prof. Oliver Kinnane ¦ School of Engineering
Principal Investigators ¦ Assoc. Prof. Desmond O’Neil ¦ School of Medicine
Principal Investigators ¦ Assoc. Prof. Mary Lee Rhodes ¦ School of Business
Principal Investigators ¦ Assoc. Prof. Roger West ¦ School of Engineering
Principal Investigators ¦ Assistant. Prof. Liwen Xiao ¦ School of Engineering

Research Fellows (Engineer) ¦ Dr. Zaki-Ul-Zaman Asam
Research Fellows (Architect) ¦ Thomas Grey
Research Fellows ¦ Dr. Connie O’Driscoll
Research Fellows (Engineer) ¦ Dr. Will Turner


Visiting Researchers ¦ Kevin Leyden ¦ National University of Ireland, Galway
Visiting Researchers ¦ Dr. Francesco Rizzi ¦ Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
Visiting Researchers (Anthropologist) ¦ Dr. Lars Smith
Visiting Researchers (Engineer) ¦ Dr. Matteo Viganotti

Research Assistant ¦ Dimitra Xidous

Postgraduate Researchers ¦ Mark O’Connor
Postgraduate Researchers ¦ Richard O’Hegarty
Postgraduate Researchers ¦ Moacir Oliveira
Postgraduate Researchers ¦ Eoghan O Shea
Postgraduate Researchers ¦ Niamh Rabbit
Postgraduate Researchers ¦ Christopher Shiell
Postgraduate Researchers ¦ Salahadin Vaisi
Postgraduate Researchers ¦ Rory Walsh

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