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People - Research Fellows


Dr. Zaki-Ul-Zaman Asam

Research Fellow (Engineer)

Dr. Zaki-Ul-Zaman Asam has a PhD in Environmental Engineering and he is currently involved in six different projects related to water, wastewater, bioenergy, soil and forestry research with Dr Liwen Xiao in the department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, TCD. Dr Asam has published 16 peer reviewed journal papers in international journals with high impact factors and over 25 conference papers/presentations/posters in national and international conferences. Dr Asam's research interests include: water quality assessment and protection methods; water and wastewater treatment methods and technologies; soil quality, soil erosion, solid waste management; biofuels production from waste biomass; and, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and mitigations.

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Tom Grey

Thomas Grey

Research Fellow (Architect)

Tom Grey graduated from DIT Bolton Street in 1998 with an honours degree in Architecture. To pursue his interest in sustainable design, he moved to New Zealand in 2003 to complete a two-year Masters (Sustainability of the Built Environment) at the University of Auckland. Following 10 years in practice working on projects in Ireland, the UK, Croatia, the US and NZ, Tom is now involved in a variety of urban design and building design research projects, all with a user centred and sustainable design focus. The projects range from the creation of Universal Design (UD) guidelines for dementia friendly dwellings, to larger scale urban issues, including: UD shared space design; UD shared educational campuses; and, sustainable indicator development for the Dublin region. In all cases, human-centred design, Universal Design and participatory processes are the key focus.

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Connie O'Driscoll

Dr. Connie O'Driscoll

Research Fellow

Dr. Connie O'Driscoll joined TrinityHaus in March 2013 as a postdoc with the FORSITE project and is currently project manager with the Assessment of Natural Organic Matter and Ptaquiloside in Irish waters project. She has research interests in peatland catchment processes and management. Prior to being appointed to TrinityHaus she worked in a number of capacities as a scientist and science educator. Connie graduated with an honours degree in Marine Science from NUI Galway in 2004. Since then she has gained expertise in aquatic ecology, specialising in freshwater macroinvertebrate and diatom assemblages, and peatland forest harvesting impacts on which she completed a PhD in 2012.



Dr. Will Turner

Research Fellow (Engineer)

Dr. Will Turner joined Trinity College in 2013 as a Research Fellow to develop dynamic simulation models on smart cities, energy networks, renewable power generation, and carbon reduction technologies for the built environment. Previously he worked at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California performing research into the energy impacts of human behaviour, and reducing the energy consumption of buildings. His research interests include simulation modelling, sustainable cities, renewable energy, data analytics, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Will holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Reading; an MSc in Radiometrics (nuclear physics detection) and a BSc in Astrophysics, both from the University of Liverpool.

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People - Visiting Research Fellows


Kevin Leyden

Visiting Research Fellow

Kevin M. Leyden is a Professor of Political Science at the National University of Ireland, Galway and serves as Co-Director of the Creative, Liveable and Sustainable Communities Cluster of the Whitaker Institute. His research focuses primarily on the relationship between the urban design, social capital, health, and well-being. His research has been published in the American Journal of Public Health, Environmental Health Perspectives, Environment International, Urban Affairs Review, Health & Place, the American Journal of Health Promotion, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Proceedings of the Institute of Civil Engineers: Urban Design and Planning, and Policy Studies Journal, among others. He is currently leading the research workgroup associated with the EU/ESF funded COST Transit & Urban Development grant titled 'People Friendly Cities in a Data Rich World'. In addition, Professor Leyden is one of the lead coordinators of Galway's bid to become the European Capital of Culture in 2020 and recently completed an innovation partnership programme project funded by Enterprise Ireland titled 'RealSim-SmarterCityPlanning': A predictive urban modelling software tool to make city planning easier, innovative, and more informed.


Fancesco Rizzi

Francesco Rizzi

Visiting Research Fellow

Francesco Rizzi graduated with honours in 2002 from the faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Pisa. Post graduation he gained extensive international academic and entrepreneurial experience in the field of the “green economy”. He has worked on more than 20 multidisciplinary EC and national-level research projects at Istituto di Management, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Italy), where he has been an Assistant Professor since 2011. Francesco's research interests include people-led innovation in energy and environmental systems, management of the triple bottom line at the meta-organizational level and business model innovation in the framework of smart cities/communities/specializations. He combines his experience in applied research, where he has widely published on resource and supply chain management, with expertise in business and industry. He is one of the founders of Ergo, a spin-off company of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna that provides sustainable development services.


Lars Smith

Lars Smith

Visiting Research Fellow (Anthropologist)

Lars Smith has a background in technology-enhanced learning, demography, and anthropology. Before moving to Ireland he worked as Director of Academic Affairs for the Laureaute Online Education/University of Liverpool partnership, and as Professor and Director of MBA Programmes in Skema Business School, a French grande école. He has also held a research position with University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where he did research in demography. His current interests include social infrastructure in cities, both as a research activity and as a practical activity in education in Africa.


Matteo Viganotti

Dr. Matteo Viganotti

Visiting Research Fellow

Matteo Viganotti graduated in 2006 from Universita degli Studi di Milano Bicocca with an MSc in Environmental Science. Since then Matteo has worked as an environmental consultant with Studio Geotecnico Italiano, in Italy, and Minerex Environmental, in Ireland, focussing on brownfield site redevelopment projects and contaminated land issues. In 2010 he was awarded an IRCSET Embark Scholarship to carry out doctoral research in TrinityHaus where in 2014 he completed his PhD focussing on biogrout soil improvement techniques. During his time in TrinityHaus, Matteo has also collaborated on the Eureka! project eGMS where innovative geophysical survey techniques were coupled with prototype software for an improved asset management of earthen flood defences. Matteo returned to the contaminated land industry in 2014 as Associate Director of Minerex Environmental Ltd where he aims to promote R&D collaboration between Industry and Academia. Matteo's professional and research interests fall within the fields of Applied Microbiology and Sustainable Land Remediation.


People - Research Assistants

Dimitra Xidous

Dimitra Xidous

Research Assistant

Dimitra Xidous joined TrinityHaus in 2014. She has a Masters (MSc) in International Health from Queen Margaret University (Scotland). Her interests lie in human rights, gender, participatory processes, and the role of art and the creative process in promoting the subjectivity and empowerment of the individual. She has significant experience working with multi-lateral organisations, including WHO, PAHO, and the UN, on a wide range of health, gender and human rights issues, and she brings with her extensive experience in dissemination and stakeholder management and engagement. Dimitra moved to Ireland three years ago. In that time, she has established a strong reputation in curation, arts and events management. She is co-founder and co-editor of The Pickled Body, an international poetry and arts quarterly, and her debut collection Keeping Bees was published by Doire Press in March 2014.

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