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Prof. Mark Dyer


After 20 years working across the globe in the construction sector Mark returned to university life in 1999 at Durham University and later Strathclyde University to pursue a novel interest in living soil as a medium for low cost low energy clean of polluted land and transformation of soils to biologically cemented rocks. This fascination with the emerging field of Environmental Geotechnics led to research into developing novel nebulisers treatment technologies for anaerobic de-chlorination of solvents as well as forensic research into the failure mechanisms for flood earth embankments. Since joining Trinity College Dublin in 2008 Mark set up a new research and innovation centre called TrinityHaus, to reflect its core interest in people centred design of the built environment principally through the use of Universal Design principles. Currently Prof. Dyer chairs an EC COST Action TU1024 called People Friendly Cities in as Data Rich World.

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