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Citizen Focused Challenge - Hacking the Urban Environment 2014

Professor Mark Dyer will be launching the Citizen Focused Challenge – Hacking the Urban Environment 2014 taking place at DogA, Norwegian Design and Architecture Centre at Hausmannsgate 16 in Oslo on 15th -17th October. Based on insights gained from design partners (lead user) teams are asked to present practical design solutions (tools, techinques or methods) to 'better connect citizens with city instititions and so create a more people-friendly city in a digital age'.


JULY 2014

INDICATE - Dissemination Workshop

The INDICATE Project is holding a half-day dissemination workshop on July 8, 2014 in Dublin.

The aim of the workshop is to share information regarding INDICATE activities relating to the first year of the project and will include information on:


  • Stakeholder Engagement and Business Model Development
  • Characterization of the City
  • Development of the Common City Indicators and the Common City Index
  • Development of the Virtual City Model

In addition, there will also be an interactive session which will focus on the development of 4 personas (each representing a key stakeholder group) that would be fleshed out over the course of the workshop via the development of workflows (based on specific needs/uses of stakeholders, e.g. - city planner; urban designer/architect/planner; engineer; renewable technology consultant or provider). The aims of the interactive session will include: further development of the persona; identifying typical workflows for each persona along and how the tool might align; identifying the convergence and conflicts vis-à-vis the tool and the different types of users/stakeholders.

As part of the workshop, a light lunch will be provided.

Those interested in attending the workshop, to be held on Tuesday, July 8, 2014, from 9:30-12:30pm at the EU House on Dawson Street (Dublin 2) are asked to confirm their participation by contacting Dimitra Xidous at .


Transforming Ireland Seminar Series Autumn 2010


UCD Earth Sciences Institute, TCD TrinityHaus and Dublin City Council
Under the aegis of the TCD-UCD Innovation Alliance
In collaboration with Business in the Community Ireland,Comhar Sustainable Development Council, Environmental Protection Agency, Geological Survey of Ireland, Marine Institute, Met Eireann, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland & Teagasc


Transforming Ireland
Mobilising innovation to meet energy and climate change obligations and sustainable economic development

A weekly seminar focusing on using innovation to convert challenge into opportunity by bringing key leaders from the research, policy and enterprise communities together to focus on a range of challenges and opportunities for key stakeholders, including the general public.

Thursdays at 12.30 - 14.00 from 16th September to December 2010. Venues are specified in the programme. ADMISSION FREE.


16th September, TCD-UCD Innovation Academy Space, 2-3 Foster Place, Dublin 2
> Low Energy Adaptable Homes - Thomas Grey, TCD TrinityHaus
> Passivehaus in Ireland - Vivienne Brophy, UCD Energy Research Group

23rd September, TCD-UCD Innovation Academy Space, 2-3 Foster Place, Dublin 2
> Some Materials for the Future: Low-carbon, Energy Efficient Composites for Sustainable Building - Dr. Sara Pavia, TCD
> Green Buildings - Sally Starbuck, GAIA Ecotecture

30th September, TCD-UCD Innovation Academy Space, 2-3 Foster Place, Dublin 2
> The future of Sustainability in Buildings - Brian O'Brien, Solearth Ecological Architecture

OCTOBER 2010 -

7th October, TCD-UCD Innovation Academy Space, 2-3 Fosters Place, Dublin 2
> Meeting the Challenge of Low Energy Lighting by 2010 - Liam Kelly, Managing Director Nualight

14th October, TCD-UCD Innovation Academy Space, 2-3 Fosters Place, Dublin 2
> The Future of Renewable Gas in Ireland – Cathal Gallagher, Bord Gáis Energy & Dr. Jerry Murphy, UCC
> Reducing Energy Demand, Cost and Carbon Footprint for the IT/Data Centre/Telecommunication Sectors – Brendan Marren, CES Energy

21st October, TCD-UCD Innovation Academy Space, 2-3 Fosters Place, Dublin 2
> Solar Energy: Reaching a new Solar Industry in Ireland - Mazhar Bari, CEO Solarprint
> Delivering Renewable Power to the People... - Tim Cooper, Coolpower

28th October, Wood Quay Venue, Dublin City Council Civic Offices, Dublin 2
> Urban Sustainability Indicators - Dr. Ainhoa Gonzáles Del Campo, TCD
> The Choices for the Greater Dublin Region - Dr. Brendan Williams, UCD


4th November, Wood Quay Venue, Dublin City Council Civic Offices, Dublin 2
> Smart Cities - Michael Roche, IBM
> Citi for Cities project - Jim Kelly, Citi

12th November (FRIDAY), Ed Burke Theatre, Arts Block, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2
> Climate Justice - Mary Robinson

25th November, Paccar Theatre, Science Gallery, Pearse Street, Dublin 2
> Energy Mapping - Jay Stuart, Managing Director, DW Ecoco Ltd
> Achieving a stock of Low Carbon Appliances by 2020 - Neil Stewart, Managing Director, Glen Dimplex Renewables


2nd December, Wood Quay Venue, Dublin City Council Civic Offices, Dublin 2
> Green Car Roll-out - Paul Mulvany, Managing Director, ESB ecars
> Cycling and Electric Bikes - Olivier Vander Elst, Greenaer

9th December, Paccar Theatre, Science Gallery, Pearse Street, Dublin 2
> Minimising the Costs of Reducing Emissions from Road Transport – Andrew Kelly, ApEnvEcon
> Reducing Aircraft Emissions – Tony McDermott, CEO Liberator Aero

16th December, Wood Quay Venue, Dublin City Council Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 2
> Reducing Emissions in Manufacturing: Opportunities for Engineering in Ireland – Prof. Gerry Byrne & Dr. Eamonn Ahearne, UCD
> A Greener Future - Jim Barry, NTR plc

For further information please contact Emma Siddall (


TrinityHaus i.School: Summer Camp and Scholarships


This is a two weeks full time programme organised by TrinityHaus i.School. Dedicated to transition and 5th year senior cycle students, it intends to combine entrepreneurship and innovation with sustainability. Twenty scholarships, which cover the participation fees and a €300 bursary, will be offered to promising students from secondary schools in Dublin through an application and selection process.
The first week of the programme will include a series of lectures and hands on workshops with the aim of providing an understanding of entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability concepts as well as a set of formal tools in the same areas. The speakers selected will be from both academia and industry, including successful entrepreneurs and professionals.
The students will, during the second week of the summer camp, demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills and their passion for ideas by developing a product or service for low-carbon living in Dublin. The best project will be awarded by a panel of professionals and academics. This design challenge aims to engage the students in the development of real products or services.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: 30th April 2010. Download the application form here.

If your school is interested in participating to the initiative contact Matteo Viganotti ( to register.


Transforming Ireland Seminar Series 2010

UCD Earth Sciences Institute with TCD TrinityHaus, in conjunction with the TCD‐UCD Innovation Alliance Public Lecture Series, with the support of Business in the Community Ireland, and in collaboration with Comhar SDC, EPA, GSI, Met Éireann, SEAI and Teagasc present the ESI Seminar Series. The seminars will take place on Friday 19th March, 26th March and 9th April 2010 between 12.30 ‐14.00 at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, No. 6 Kildare Street, Dublin 2

The 2010 ‘Transforming Ireland’ lecture series will bring together researchers, business and community leaders and citizens to focus on how to develop and bring the right technologies to the right people and places at the right time, so that productivity is enhanced, jobs are provided, climate change, energy and other objectives are met, and adaptation in Ireland and in the poorest parts of the world is made feasible.


19th March 2010 - Natural gas, but not as we know it
Speakers: Dr. Tommy Boland, UCD & Dr. Padraig O’Kiely, Teagasc Grange
Ireland is almost unique amongst developed nations in terms of our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions profile with Agriculture being a major contributor to our total GHG profile, partly due to our high ruminant population. Given the key role Agriculture plays in the Irish economy and export portfolio, this offers great challenges and opportunities to Irish to comply with Kyoto and EU targets.

26th March 2010 - On fertile ground: The role of soils in GHG mitigation
Speakers: Dr. Gary Lanigan, Teagasc & Prof. Mike Jones, TCD
The soil is the basis of all life on planet earth. As such the management of the soil is central to the future well being and survival of man kind. Potential strategies to reduce GHG emissions from soil and the carbon storage capacity of Irish soils under various management and cropping systems will be explored in this seminar.

9th April 2010 - Harnessing the Energy Within
Speakers: Richard Kennedy, CEO Kedco plc
The EU target for 20% of EU energy consumption to come from renewable resources presents an exciting and stiff challenge for researchers and entrepreneurs alike. In his seminar CEO of Kedco Richard Kennedy will present the Irish potential to ‘Harness the Energy Within’ and ensure Ireland is to the forefront of Renewable energy production.


GREENshoots Seminar Series

The GREENshoots Seminar Series is back for the new semester and we are delighted to announce that this is a joint series with UCD’s Urban Institute.  The aim of the series is to create a long standing multidisciplinary community interested in the questions of sustainability and low carbon urban living.
These informal seminars will alternate between TrinityHaus and UCD’s Urban Institute. There will be one 30-minute talk by a different speaker each week followed by a 30-minute discussion.  The aim is to develop a greater knowledge of the sustainability research being carried out within College.  It is hoped that from these discussions fresh solutions to current problems will be suggested, future research directions will be established and potential interdisciplinary collaborations will be identified.  For anyone who wants to continue the debate: each seminar will be followed by tea and coffee and a blog is available on the TrinityHaus website.

Location: Maxwell Theatre, Hamilton Building, Trinity College Dublin

  • 12th March – Universal Design in the built environment - Antoinette Fennell, TCD
  • 19th March – Low carbon adaptable homes - Tom Grey, TCD
  • 26th March – Residential design and sustainability: the future - Sean Harrington, Sean Harrington Architects

Location: UII Boardroom, UCD Richview

  • 12th February – From Low Energy to Life Cycle Zero Energy Buildings - Patxi  Hernandez, UCD UII
  • 19th February – Sustainable Urban Communities and Local Services: Linking Spatial Planning and Strategic Social Planning - Owen Douglas, UCD UII
  • 26th February – Concrete Meeting the Low Energy Challenge - Liam Smyth, Irish Concrete Federation
  • 5th March – Investigation of Dynamic Amplification Factor in Bridges - Ciaran Carey, UCD UII

Location: Maxwell Theatre, Hamilton Building, Trinity College Dublin

  • 22nd January – Energy usage in the TCD campus - Kieron McGovern, TCD
  • 29th January – Building energy management systems - Pat Shiel, TCD
  • 5th February – Energy demand of Information technology - Brian O’Hora, TCD

For further information please contact Emma Siddall (


Designing and Building a Refugee Shelter

As part of their coursework, Senior Freshman Engineering students have been given the task of designing and building a refugee shelter. They must design a shelter for an extreme climate with the following requirements: the shelter must be light weight, portable, easy to erect and dismantle. It must be able to store food, collect 70L of clean rain water per week, 20L of which must be stored in case of emergency and it must incorporate a solar cooker for meal preparation and a solar still for water purification. The shelter must adhere to all of these requirements with a maximum cost of €100. In addition to this, the students will be scored on the level of sustainability such as the sourcing of materials, potential for recycling and re-use and the carbon footprint involved.
Having completed the design stage of the project the students will now build the shelters onsite in the Physics Garden (front of the Fitzgerald Building). They will be on display from 2.00pm on Thursday 17th December.

For further inforamtion about the project please contact Ruth Collins (


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